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From the start, the vision for The Farm was to make it a natural habitat for upland birds, a working dog training area and a great year round, “playground” for any bird dog enthusiast.

As you can see from the pictures and documentation in the slideshow, the property contains eight acres of CP 33 surrounding eighteen acres of crops and on the outside border, surrounded by six acres of windbreak.

The CP33 border is made of fourteen species of Warm Season Grass, CRP Mesic Mix,  (Pheasants Forever, Series XXX)

The Windbreak is made up of six rows of trees, planted as saplings ten years ago (Austrian Pines, Spruce, Oak, Dogwood and Chokeberry), 1400 trees in all, some now over fifteen feet tall.

Additionally, the farm has been registered as an Ohio Dept. of Natural Resource (ODNR) year round working dog training facility. This permit, which must be renewed annually, allows you to hold and release upland birds for training purposes, year round.

For the past eight years we have released sixty to eighty pheasants, each year. During the last three years, we now have permanent breeding residents. Thus far the birds have survived on seeds and insects from the WSG. This summer we will be adding auto feeding equipment to supplement the naturals foods, to insure survival over the winters.

The nine acres of woods, most of which are various species of hardwood (including over thirty, Black Walnut), keeps us in full supply of wood burner fuel and the continuously flowing stream, draws a multitude of wildlife (deer, turkey, raccoons, rabbits, migratory birds and of course, coyotes) and an abundant supply of grapes, raspberries, blackberries and cherries.

Additionally, we have both a two acre alfalfa pasture, yielding on average 225 bales of feed (three cuts) and 40’x40’ organic garden (free of pesticides and herbicides since 2009).


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