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The current kennel was constructed in 2009 when we renovated the original barn (another whole story, details of which can be found further in this site). The kennel is constructed of an epoxy coated, concrete floor, totaling forty feet by ten feet inside the barn and forty feet by eighteen feet outside and is currently divided into three runs with a dog access door for each. This can be divided once again forming six total runs and still having ample room for one dog each.


Within the barn, each run is heated using a radiant, natural gas fueled, overhead system. The adjacent walls are covered with FRP for ease of cleaning as required.

Further, for exceptionally cold winter days, a Vermont Casting wood burner is used, together providing 65oF to 75oF, rise above outside ambient, depending on the severity of the wind.

The kennel includes a utility tub, refrigerator, hot (40gal natural gas fired water heater) and cold water and plenty of room for indoor training when the weather is not cooperating.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, enjoy the trip.

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